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Running Time: 18 minutes

Language: English

Version: Standard

Office workers sometimes forget about their most important workplace responsibility: their safety. They overlook safety issues because they just don't believe an office has any hazards. Nearly 40,000 office workers suffer disabling injuries each year. This program stresses the importance of office safety and how a good safety attitude and using good judgment are the real keys to injury prevention. 

·  Why office safety and a good safety attitude are important.

·  How to prevent slips, trips and falls.

·  How to avoid back injuries by using proper lifting techniques.

·  How to prevent repetitive strain injuries and eye strain.

·  How to avoid injuries associated with file cabinets, sharp tools, office equipment and chemicals.

·  How to respond to an emergency properly.

·  How to prevent the spread of contagious illness in an office environment.

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