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Running Time:
 20 minutes



This program will make you a believer in the importance of stretching as part of an injury prevention routine. Liz Navarrete explains that the movements, postures and positions we take on each day while working can cause harm to our muscles and joints, as they are forced into awkward or strained positions. To prevent injury and remain pain-free, our major joints and muscles need to be stretched in the opposite direction in order to “undo” the damage and remain flexible and pliable. To achieve this, Liz demonstrates eight simple stretches that can be used as a whole-body stretching routine, including stretches for the neck, upper back, lower back, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles and hands, wrists and elbows. While demonstrating these eight stretches with a live audience, Liz also discusses the importance of incorporating posture, balance and body mechanics into our daily movements and activities. Liz explains that true injury prevention happens when proper posture and body mechanics become a habit and frequent stretching becomes part of our daily routine, both at work and at home.


After watching the program, the participant should be able to explain the following:


  • Why it is important to find out what our wrong movements are and reverse them by stretching in the opposite direction;
  • Why a stretching routine should be customized to a specific person and his or her job duties;
  • Why it is necessary to keep muscle tissues flexible and pliable to reduce the risk of injury;
  • What roles good posture and good body mechanics play in keeping our joints in good alignment;
  • Why frequent stretching should become part of our daily routine, both at work and at home;
  • How to perform each of the eight stretches that can be used as a whole-body stretching routine.


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