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Product Code: SWYR

Running Time: 17 minutes

Language: English

Version: Standard

When it comes to having a successful safety program, we all have a role to play and the part played by each employee is defined by his or her actions and behaviors.  This program tells the story of two serious workplace incidents from the point of view of those involved.  Viewers will learn to recognize the behaviors and actions that contributed to the incidents.  For example, being a bad influence, risk-taking, complacency, rushing and being timid about speaking up are all illustrated as traits or “roles” that undermine safety and contribute to workplace incidents.  As the program progresses, viewers will learn that setting good examples, being receptive to safety advice, avoiding shortcuts, speaking up and being a safety advocate are roles that prevent injuries and improve the overall safety culture.  They are also asked to consider the part they are currently playing and recast themselves into a new role that will make a positive safety difference.

Other points made by this program include:

  •  Don’t succumb to the temptation to take a shortcut;
  •  Don’t be led astray by others’ poor safety advice;
  •  There are no do-overs when it comes to unsafe acts;
  •  Don’t be poorly influenced by unsafe groupthink;
  •  Time is not more valuable than safety;
  •  The ripple effect of unsafe acts is widespread;
  •  The consequences of unsafe choices last forever;
  •  Your choices and decisions don’t just affect you;
  •  Safety culture requires that safety advocates outnumber  those who are indifferent about safety;
  •  When more people set good safety examples, it becomes easier for everyone to be safe.

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