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Product Code: ECRS

Running Time: 18 minutes

Language: Spanish

Version: Standard

People who receive an electric shock are unable to release themselves from contact with an energized conductor or circuit part. And without immediate assistance gaining release, these incidents likely prove fatal. It is important to be aware of your surroundings when around electrical parts and equally as important to try your best to not come in contact with live electrical parts.

This is why the NFPA 70E requires that all workers who may be exposed to electric shock receive annual contact release training as well as those who are responsible for responding to a shock event. The NFPA 70E is a safety standard published by the National Fire Protection Association and is widely considered to be the leading authority for electrical safety in the workplace.

After watching the program, the participant will be able to explain the following:

  • How the human body acts as a conductor with electrical currents;
  • The effect electrical currents have on the human body;
  • The best way to recognize and assess a shock event;
  • How to perform first aid for someone who’s been a victim of a shock event.

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