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Product Code: LSO

Running Time: 21 minutes

Language: English

Version: Standard


Due to the nature of laboratory work, laboratory workers have the potential to be exposed to hazardous and/or infectious materials, as well as many other potential hazards such as glassware, hot materials, compressed gases, electrical hazards, slip and fall hazards, fire hazards, and more.


In this program, we will discuss some common laboratory hazards and learn about the safe work practices and procedures that may be used to control hazards and prevent injuries to laboratory workers. 


After watching the program, the participant should be able to explain the following:


  • How to identify hazards;
  • The use of personal protective equipment;
  • The proper use of lab fume hoods;
  • How to avoid contamination;
  • Safety equipment and emergency response in the lab;
  • Proper waste disposal and housekeeping;
  • The use of glassware and compressed gas cylinders;
  • The importance of a safety mindset;
  • The chemical hygiene plan.

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