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Product Code: EM101

Running Time: 12 minutes

Language: English

Version: Standard


Safety. It’s a key part of everyone’s job, no matter which industry you work in. We all have the right to a safe and healthful workplace, and we all have a responsibility to ensure that safety remains our top priority. In this program, we will discuss the importance of workplace safety, along with the roles and responsibilities that you have as an employee regarding your own safety as well as the safety of your co-workers and others. This program discusses OSHA’s role in safety, how to identify and control hazards, the importance of following regulations, and how PPE protects us.

After watching the program, the participant should be able to explain the following:

  • How OSHA helps keep us safe;
  • Ways to identify and control hazards;
  • The need for PPE;
  • Types of workplace training;
  • What to do if a workplace injury occurs.

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