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Product Code: CVDWS

Running Time: 24 minutes

Language: Spanish

Version: Standard

Use this new program as a comprehensive safety guide for your employees so they can avoid infection as they return to work amidst the pandemic. The outbreak of the virus that causes COVID-19 temporarily brought the entire world to a halt. The good news is that your employees can stay safe.

This program outlines the control measures found in a typical workplace infection control plan and how these measures are put into practice to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at work. In addition to explaining the virus's symptoms and its modes of transmission, the program covers the following employee responsibilities:

  • Participating in your employer's screening process and staying home if you are sick
  • Maintaining the appropriate physical distancing from your co-workers and the general public
  • Wearing a face covering to protect others when appropriate or required
  • Frequently washing your hands and avoiding touching your face
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the commonly touched objects in your work area
  • Selecting and using the correct PPE based on your risk of exposure

Other topics include factors for determining infection control measures, OSHA's categories of worker risk, and how to properly put on and take off medical PPE and clothing.

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